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Solo Exhibitions

2019 Prayer for a Butcher, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal, Canada (forthcoming)
2018 Pages from Late Night Trip to the Jewellers, Arsenal Project Space, Toronto, Canada
2018 The Witching Hour, The Esker Foundation, Calgary, Canada
2016 The Hand of Camille, Wil Aballe Art Projects, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2015 Visitors, Gallery 295 - Lightbox Project Space, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2015 Shadow Cast, Hardscrabble Gallery, CST, Vancouver, Canada

Collaborations and 2-Person Exhibitions

2019 The Armory Show, with Micheal Stamm, with Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, New York, USA
2018 Veils of a Bog, with Michelle Helene Mackenzie, Western Front, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2017 The Far Off Blue Places, with Anjuli Rathod, Projet Pangee, Montreal, Canada
2016 Plane, pot, pattern, repose, with Sheryda Warrener, Haunt, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2015 Walking and falling..., with Collen Heslin, Erin Stump Projects. Toronto, Canada
2014 Outside a Marble Palace, with Deirdre McAdams. Field Contemporary, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2013 Yeasayer, with Mark Cunningham, TAG, CST, Vancouver, Canada

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Somebody, curated by Liza Eurich, MKG127, Toronto, Canada
2019 Cherry Pickers, curated by Vincent Crapon & Stilbé Schroeder, Podium, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
2018 Wild Inside, curated by Pamela Meredith, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2018 Art Toronto, with Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Toronto, Canada
2018 NUT II, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, USA
2018 Different In My Mind, The Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada
2018 Material Art Fair, with Projet Pangee, Mexico City, Mexico
2017 Some Spontaneous Particulars: Vanessa Brown, Heidi Hinrichs, Kathleen Ritter. Access Gallery, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2017 Art Toronto, with Wil Aballe Art Projects, Toronto, Canada
2017 88 Artists from 88 Years: An ECU Retrospective, Michael O'Brian Exhibition Commons, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2017 Dream Islands, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, Canada
2017 water astonishing and difficult altogether makes a meadow and a stroke, Wil Aballe Art Projects, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2017 Material Art Fair, with Wil Aballe Art Projects, Mexico City, Mexico
2016 The Best Example is All Together, Wil Aballe Art Projects, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2016 The Museum of Longing and Failure, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2016 Art Toronto, with RBC, Toronto, Canada
2016 Out of Sight, King Street Station, Seattle, WA, USA
2015 Feature Art Fair, with Wil Aballe Art Projects, Toronto, Canada
2015 Quoting the Quotidian, Wil Aballe Art Projects, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2015 The Oasis, Field Contemporary CST, Vancouver, Canada
2015 The Geometry of Knowing IV, Audain Gallery, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2014 Art Toronto, with Wil Aballe Art Projects, Toronto, Canada
2014 Moon Room, Narwhal, Toronto, Canada
2014 Localisms, East Van Studios, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2012 In Media Res, VIVO, CST, Vancouver
2012 Art Souterrain, Nuit Blanche, Montreal, Canada
2011 48 Hours Choreography, The Center for Endless Progress, Berlin, Germany

Awards + Residencies

2018 Canada Council for the Arts, Project Grant
2018 BC Arts Council, Project Grant
2017 The Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver Emerging Artist Prize, finalist
2014 The Universe and Other Systems with Shary Boyle, The Banff Centre for the Arts, Stoney Nakoda Territory, Banff, Canada
2013 John C. Kerr Chancellor´s Award in Visual Arts
2013 BMO 1st Art! Invitational Student Art Competition Nominee
2011 Friends of Sculpture Award
2011 Jack Harman Memorial Scholarship
2010 Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Art Scholarship
2009 Emily Carr Achievement Scholarship

Publications, Press and Reviews

2019 Ashtray Earrings, by Annika von Taube, Strong Buy, Monopol, September Issue
2019 The Art of Simultaneity, by Lee Henderson, Border Crossings Magazine, Issue 150
2019 Vanessa Brown + Michelle Helene Mackenzie, by Michael Turner, Canadian Art, Winter Issue
2018 Vanessa Brown at The Esker Foundation, by Maeve Hanna, Sculpture Magazine
2018 Speculative Methodologies: Veils of a Bog at The Western Front, by Gillian Haigh, Peripheral Review
2018 Of Earrings, Tears, and Jewellers: The Sculptures of Vanessa Brown, by Anna Kovler, Arsenal Contemporary Blog
2018 Wild Inside, review by Nathan Flint,
2018 Artspeak Radio Digest, interview with Erik Hood, Vancouver Co-op Radio
2018 Veils of a Bog at The Western Front, review by Steffanie Ling, Akimbo
2018 Vanessa Brown: Late Night Trip to the Jeweller's, review by Lindsay Sorell, Akimbo
2018 The Greatest Stories Ever Told, review by Christine Wong, Local Drop Mag
2018 E-flux Announcements: The Esker Foundation Summer Exhibitions
2018 Must-Sees This Week: May 24th -30th 2018, Canadian Art
2018 Overly Dedicated, Episode 4: Vanessa Brown, podcast hosted by Claire Scherzinger
2018 NUT II, edited by Liza Lacroix + Alli Melanson, published by Anteism
2017 Some Spontaneous Particulars, published by Access Gallery
2017 Must-Sees This Week: Dec 7th -13th 2017, Canadian Art
2017 Anjuli Rathod + Vanessa Brown at the Projet Pangée, Art Viewer
2017 Anjuli Rathod + Vanessa Brown at the Projet Pangée, by Tammer El-Sheikh, Akimbo
2017 Anjuli Rathod + Vanessa Brown at the Projet Pangée in Montreal, Wall Street International
2017 Must-Sees This Week: Oct 5th - 11th, 2017, Canadian Art
2017 The Far Off Blue Places, by Xan Shian, featured in Create Magazine
2017 This Woman’s Work, by Ginger Carlson, Canadian Art, Fall Issue
2017 6 Highlights from Canadian Art's Upcoming Auction, Jessica Bradley, Canadian Art
2017 WAAP takes a line from Gertrude Stein, Whitehot Magazine, August Issue
2016 Must-Sees This Week: Dec 8th - 14th, 2016, Canadian Art
2016 Artist Interview Series: Vanessa Brown, The Volumes Project
2016 The Acorn Artist Series
2016 A Collection of Influence, RBC
2016 Speaking Volumes with your Hands, by Sunshine Frere, V.I.A.
2016 Must-Sees This Week: Oct 20th-26th, 2016, Canadian Art
2016 Poetry Is Dead: Intersections, Poetry is Dead Magazine Society
2016 RELIEF, Emma Metcalfe Hurst and Scott Kemp, Publication Studios
2015 The Oasis at Field Contemporary, by Steffanie Ling, Akimbo
2015 Must Sees This Week: July 16-22 2015, Canadian Art
2015 Art This Week: Mini Golf Reimagined, by Nancy Lanthier, The Vancouver Sun
2015 Shadow Cast, by Antoni Wojtyra, Issue Magazine, Vol 4, No. 1
2014 Moon Room: Mysteries, Elucidated, by Alison Cooley, Canadian Art
2014 Lunar Magic, by Laura Horne-Gaul, Tussle Magazine
2014 Vanessa Brown: Sculptures and Artifacts, HWY Magazine No.1
2014 The Opening - Vanessa Brown & Deirdre McAdams at FIELD Contemporary. Interview by Alex Quicho. V.I.A.
2014 Art This Week: Outside a Marble Palace, by Nancy Lanthier, The Vancouver Sun
2011 We Give A Shit Because We Care. p.27. Unit/Pitt and Publication Studio Vancouver


Emily Carr University, CST, Vancouver, Canada: BFA 2013
Universtät der Künste, Berlin, Germany: Exchange / Erasmus Program 2011

Public Art

2015 YVR Vancouver International Airport
2013 Heavy Metal Flowers, The Crying Room, CST, Vancouver, Canada

Artist Talks

2018 Emily Carr University
2018 The Esker Foundation
2017 Access Gallery, faciltated by Kimberly Philips
2017 Panelist, Emily Carr University
2016 Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver
2016 Langara College of Fine Arts
2015 Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver
2015 Guest Critic, Crit Collective, Emily Carr University
2014 Field Satellite, with Kuh Del Rosario, Scott Lewis and Avalon Mott, CST, Vancouver
2014 Field Contemporary with Deirdre McAdams and Avalon Mott, CST, Vancouver


Royal Bank of Canada
Toronto-Dominion Bank
Private Collections


2019 TRUCK Contemporary, Calgary
2018 Access Gallery, CST, Vancouver
2018 Contemporary Art Gallery, CST, Vancouver
2017 Canadian Art Foundation, Toronto
2017 Western Front, CST, Vancouver
2016 Contemporary Art Gallery, CST, Vancouver
2015 Contemporary Art Gallery, CST, Vancouver
2015 Access Gallery, CST, Vancouver

Curatorial Projects + Related Press

2015 Watch The Smoke As It Rises From The Pipes, Dynamo Arts Association, CST, Vancouver
2014 Best of 2014: Visual Arts, by Kevin Griffin, The Vancouver Sun
2014 NIRDVANDVA: Transcending Opposites at Field Satellite, by Kevin Griffin, The Vancouver Sun
2014 N I R D V A N D V A, FIELD Satellite, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2014 Other Systems Salon, PDC, The Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada
2014 Tomorrow at Field Contemporary, by Redia Soltis, 01 Magazine
2014 Art This Week, by Nancy Lanthier, The Vancouver Sun
2013 The Performing Document, Emily Carr University Library, CST, Vancouver, Canada
2009 Moveable City, SWARM, Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society, CST, Vancouver, Canada